What is Shine Kids?

Shine Kids aim is to help children meet Jesus through the Bible and share Jesus with their friends.


The Shine Kids team want to provide primary school SU leaders with the resources to encourage children across Northern Ireland to meet Jesus and share Jesus with others in their schools.

The theme for Shine Kids 2020 is 'Truth Seekers'. 





Shine Kids runs for five weeks during January/February 2020:


Week 1 

13th January – Who is Jesus? (Prayer Week) 

Week 2 

20th January – What did Jesus do? (Plan Week)

Week 3 

27th January – Why did Jesus come? (Prepare Week)

Week 4 

3rd February – Outreach Event (Present Week) 

Week 5 

10th February – Follow Up Week 


How to use the programme? 

Shine Kids is designed to be a missional outreach programme, encouraging pupils to share Jesus with their friends. In the run up to session four's 'present week', SU leaders are encouraged to give pupils space to pray for, plan and prepare what their outreach event will look like. This could take the form of an SU session at lunchtime, after school or an SU led  assembly. Session four can be adapted to suit your context and your pupils' ideas. It is important to keep in mind your school's parental permission policy if you are inviting children along to an SU session for the first time. 

Why these dates?

As a team we’d love to see schools across our country be missional at the same time, praying, and feeling connected to each other. We also are aware that term 1 is an essential time to build community and relationships within your own SU group, before you help pupils think of their wider school community.

We completely understand however, that your school calendar may not work around these dates, so please feel free to run it at a time that best suits you. 

What next?

Why not put these dates in your diary, and get in contact with the team to let us know when you are running your outreach event as we would love to support you. 

Our prayer for you as you use this programme is that you will, 'shine like stars as you hold firmly to the word of life.’ (Phil 2:15-16)

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 © Shine Kids is an initiative by Crown Jesus Ministries and Scripture Union Northern Ireland.