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What is Shine Kids?

Shine Kids aim to help children meet Jesus through the Bible and share Jesus with their friends.


The Shine Kids team want to provide primary school SU leaders with the resources to encourage children across Northern Ireland to meet Jesus and share Jesus with others in their schools.

The theme for Shine Kids 2022 is 'ADVENTURERS'. 


This year, Shine Kids is running for five weeks in January/February 2022:

Week 1

17th January - God has a way He wants us to live

Week 2

24th January - God wants us to remember what He has done for us

Week 3

31st January - God can do the impossible 

Week 4

7th February - God keeps His promises 

Week 5

14th February - Building our lives on Jesus

How to use the programme? 

Shine Kids is designed to be a missional outreach programme, encouraging pupils to share Jesus with their friends. 

We want you to use the first four weeks of this programme with the children who come along to your SU group and during these weeks, encourage the children to think about who they would love to see come along to SU. The fifth week is an outreach week where the children are encouraged to bring their friends along. 

Why these dates?

As a team, we’d love to see schools across our country be missional while, at the same time, praying and feeling connected to each other. Shine Kids will run in Term 2 but, we completely understand that your school calendar may not work around these dates, so please feel free to run it at a time that best suits you. 

Our prayer for you as you use this programme is that you will, 'shine like stars as you hold firmly to the word of life.’ (Phil 2:15-16)

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